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What is Bowen Therapy and how does it help?

The basics of Bowen Therapy are fairly simple. It is a hands-on therapy that assists the body to return to a natural state of healing. Our bodies are programmed to heal; Just think about when you scrap your knee or accidentally cut your hand, you are able to heal with minimal, and usually, no assistance. Every cell in your body has this ability. The Focus is on creating balance and alignment.

In a treatment you can wear light clothing and typically on a massage table. Though Bowen is such a fantastic modality it can be performed in a chair (even wheelchairs), on a bed or I have even been known to get on the floor with some younger clients.

Bowen Therapy involves a very gentle manipulation of muscles, tendons, fascia and joints. Any single Bowen move activates one or more of these structures in the body to send feedback to the brain about the state of that area. Due to how gentle the treatment is, it is very effective on all humans and even animals; My youngest client was 10 weeks old at his treatment!

All Bowen moves activate Fascia which is a very thin and translucent sheet of fiber that separate muscles and organs to allow free movement between all structures of the body.

Any structure in the body that a Bowen move is made over, whether it be skin, organs or muscle, have sensory nerves that send messages to the spinal cord and brain about the state of that area. This feedback includes if there is heat, cold, pain, tension or stretch in the muscle.

Each move in Bowen Therapy puts a “challenge” to the muscle. This is challenging your brain and the feedback it’s receiving. This gives the body a chance to interpret the feedback in a different way and allow the area to make the appropriate changes back to your natural state of health. The moves are made at natural reference points for your body to determine balance and posture. Meaning once the body is able to identify misalignment it is able to naturally return to a homeostatic state of free flowing and no pain.

When your body can move with more fluidity, you feel better, have less pain and more mental clarity. With all the potential health benefits, what better reason to try Bowen Therapy?

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