• Leila Field

The True Reason Behind Your Symptoms

Have you ever had the thought that there always seems to be something “wrong” with you? Your body begins to show symptoms when something is out of alignment in your body. This is the way your body communicates with you that it needs something but somewhere along the way we learned to ignore these signs until they create a great deal of pain. I found Bowen Therapy after being diagnosed with a Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks. After months of therapy and while my medication dosage was steadily increasing, I felt like nothing had changed - I was constantly struggling to do basic tasks. I was sleeping for more than 12 hours every single day, getting sick easily, struggling to show up at work or even just get out of bed, every minor inconvenience seemed like the end of the world and my self-worth was incredibly low. What I know now and what I want you to know, is that It’s your nervous system that isn’t coping with the overstimulation and feeling like you need to be switched on at every moment. It’s not that you’re “broken” or there is “something wrong with you” – it’s a constant state of fight and flight, which your body is not designed for, that causes the imbalance. Bowen is such a gentle, hands-on technique that it can allow your body the safe space it needs to switch in to a state of rest and repair. In this space the nervous system calms down and allows you to see the world through a calmer and clearer lense. No longer in a state of fear, the body can begin to heal physical illness as well. At the end of my first treatment I remember feeling calmer in my body than I ever had before. The RSI and neck pain I had from working my admin job we’re gone too. I sat there thinking “people need this, why don’t people know about this treatment? I need to learn how to do that!” That is exactly what I did. In 2012 I undertook study to become a therapist and now here we are 9 years later. In a world filled with constant pressure to meet deadlines, live up to expectations, work harder, preform more or be someone else, we’ve lost connection with our bodies. Illness is your body’s way of telling you that something is not right and you’re under too much stress in an area of your life.

I want you to know you don’t have to live in that space. You get a choice to be healthier, happier, calmer and more vibrant version of yourself. The symptoms you are feeling are real signs from your body, letting you know that you may be out of balance. If you’re resonating with anything that I’m saying, if you feel like your body is showing you a whole bunch of symptoms that you’re not sure how to read and you’re ready to become a healthier version of yourself, then I would love to support you to connect with that version of yourself now. Because you deserve to feel good again! To make an appointment click HERE to book now

I'm looking forward to working with you. Abundantly Yours