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I'm not that person anymore - Why I donated so many of my clothes!

A pile of shorts

Your physical environment and your material possessions affect your health in every aspects. While it may be the first day of Spring and Spring cleaning is on every to do list, this is a tip that is important all year round! Clutter can increase anxiety and make it harder for you to think when your physical space is un-organised. This can cause you to feel more down and even depressed within yourself. This picture is pair of shorts I have owned since College, the polka dot shorts underneath were given to me by a friend in high school - I'm now 28 - Yikes!

How does making space in my wardrobe affect my every day life? It makes room for me to wear clothes that I feel great in and when I feel empowered I can empower others. I made this commitment to myself recently as I will soon be moving home and won't have as much space, but also; because I decided that I deserve to feel confident in every outfit that I wear. There are so many clothes in my wardrobe that I pick up, look at it and think "I'm not comfortable in that" then put it back in the cupboard - I've done that a multiple times with the same pieces of clothing. Some with tags still on them - argh!

Clothes are a way we can express ourselves through colour, shapes and styles. I'm sure there are many people that would agree when you're feeling uncomfortable in your clothes it doesn't make you enjoy the moment. You don't enjoy where you are or the people you're with because you're so focused on how you don't feel good. That is how having clothes that don't feel good to you take happiness from your life and I'm here to tell you today that you deserve to feel joy in all aspects of your life!

I want to encourage you to check your wardrobe or some other space in your house, maybe even your work, that makes you feel uncomfortable, anxious or embarrassed. Pick one space and turn it into a space that you're proud of with only things that make you feel good. Things that make you feel like they contribute to your life in a positive way. For me I have donated and thrown out (I estimate) 75% of clothes that I've had for 12 years, even though I've gone through my wardrobe many times before. Taking in to account that clothes are an expression of ourselves, I'm not that person anymore. My body has also changed in shape, in size and it will I don't know how many more times as it adjusts to my surroundings, hormone changes and lifestyle changes. All these things affect the shape of my body. I've read that it takes 7 years for every cell in your body to replace itself. So with that in mind, I am a new woman, nothing close to the girl who wore those shorts. I'm inviting you to find that space in your home to create more happiness, ease in your day and in turn better health. If that seems too overwhelming there are people who will come to your home and help you! Reach out if you're in the Hobart (Tasmania) area and I will put you in touch! Go forth and conquer my friend. With Love, Leila

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