• Leila Field

How Does Bowen Therapy Work?

All structures that are activated during a Bowen session have sensory nerves that send feedback to the spinal cord and brain about the state of the structure. Heat, pain, cold, stretch, contraction etc. With every move certain muscles contract meaning that others need to extend. This action is controlled by your brain and spinal cord. Think of lifting a dumbbell - when your Bicep shortens to bring the weight up the Tricep has to become longer and stretched.

When challenging muscles during a Bowen move with gentle pressure it causes a gentle stretch in the muscle. The stretch receptors send information back along the nerve path to the spine. The information travels via this path to the brain where information is shunted around different areas (cerebellum etc) before travelling back to the muscles or organ with new information on how that structure could change or heal.

When we are awake and moving around our body is processing huge amounts of sensory information from our body. When we lay down there is very little our body does in the way of our "self correcting" system. During a Bowen session when you are laying still, the sensory information given by the therapist when applying the moves is then able to travel more freely, allowing a clearer messages about the state of the structure. What then happens is the muscles and organs are able to reorient back to a memory of a previous healthy state - or your original blueprint.

The moves are done at key structural points on the body which the brain uses as reference points for posture. Meaning that working on these points allows the body to release tension, allowing in blood flow to heal the area that is causing pain or is misaligned. This is how Bowen helps your body self regulate and is why it can be so effective for many ailments from pain to illness.

Are you ready to try Bowen Therapy for your body?

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