• Leila Field

3 Tips To Build Health and Reduce Stress In The Body

Day One of Melbourne’s Seven day circuit breaker lockdown has me thinking health and what we can do to build and maintain health. While there are so many amazing ways to support yourself, there are 3 main tips that come to mind for me that are so vital for creating balance. Not only are these important during tough times, this is advice I give every single person that I work with.

When our bodies sense a threat our nervous system immediately switches to fight/flight/freeze. The threat could be anything that your nervous system is unsure of and creates unease in the body – physical, financial and emotional uncertainty. Let’s talk about why this happens and the 3 things you can implement right now to support you.

When your body is in a fight/flight state all the blood in your body is redirected to your hands and feet to run away or fight. This leaves your immune system vulnerable and your natural body functions like digestion, running very slowly. To ensure your body is functioning in an optimal space it’s important to cultivate calmness in your system and support your body to take care of yourself. Here is what to do:

Breathing Before You Eat When done well, 3 deep breaths can be enough to switch your body in to the Parasympathetic state of rest and repair, where it is more easily able to absorb nutrients and covert food to energy. I suggest doing this immediately before you eat anything. Additionally, you can use this at any time you feel need to calm your body.

Chew your food well Chew your food at an average of 30 times per mouthful. Your saliva begins the digestion process and signals to the brain how much food you’re consuming, which then tells the stomach how much stomach acid to make. This is also a great tip if you suffer reflux. By chewing well you take the pressure off of your stomach to break down large chunks of food and make it easier to absorb important nutrients. Remember that your stomach does not have teeth! This will save you a whole lot of energy as well.

Stay hydrated It may seem obvious but staying hydrated is super important! Every system in your body requires fluid to function and function well. A way to estimate your ideal intake is roughly 1 litre of water per 30kilograms of body weight, every day. You will get some water from food like fruits and vegetables. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no: tea/coffee does not count and I know that beer has water in it, but also no; it doesn’t count! You body needs fresh, clean water to run your systems. Water helps remove toxins, including if you’ve got high cortisol (stress hormone), it also lubricates the joints and muscles to prevent tension or injury.

I acknowledge there are an abundance of ways to build health, these are the 3 I suggest you start with as they form the very basics and are easily implemented immediately at the end this sentence! I would love to know how this helps you, if you have learned anything by reading this or if you're committing to implementing these strategies. Send me an email and lets connect. Abundantly Yours,